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“I’m ready to die…”

                            - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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“I just got some miniature donkeys. And miniature pigs as well. I got kind of a miniature farm.[…]I’d like to sell ice-cream in Japan, so I’ve got an ice-cream van.”

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“I always worry about you.”“Mutual.”
“I always worry about you.”


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Emma: Hermione Granger… born to dentist parents, quite strict, kind of brought up quite well…very academic, kind of nerdy, geeky, doesnt fit in. Then they accept her. She becomes friends with Harry and Ron. And she helps Harry through all the Devils Snare and she comes up with the right answer. And shes really clever and so shes great, ace team member. She keeps it cool when its stressful. She gets petrified. She gets, like frozen by the Basilisk. Then, third film, she punches Malfoy. Shes really, like, girl power-y. Shes got the Time-Turner, she can go back in time. Thats really cool. She loves Buckbeak. She really saves the day. Fourth one, Viktor Krum, he comes, very kind of handsome Bulgarian bonbon. She wears a pretty dress, meant to be her big moment, Ron ruins her night and really she wishes that hed asked her but he doesnt get that, so he ruins the whole thing for her anyway. She cries on the steps. Its really tragic. Next one she starts up Dumbledores Army and she encourages Harry to stop being such an angry teenage boy and do something with his life and make things better for everyone else. This one, she really is starting to like Ron at this point and thinks that somethings gonna happen with them. He breaks her heart by going and snogging this really annoying, giggly, stupid girl who likes pink called Lavender. Shes pretending that she doesnt care when she does. And thats really bad, and thats about it. That okay?



b. Margaret Natalie Smith, December 28, 1934

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